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Have you ever wondered why so many B2B marketers are turning to direct mail?


Marketers have a harder time getting the attention of the right people more than ever before.


And direct mail is an effective way to break through the noise. I’ve talked about why people are missing out on direct mail in the past, but don’t just take my word for it.


I wanted to share three shocking direct mail marketing stats that will show you why you should start running direct mail campaigns today.


Direct mail results in a higher response rate (5.1%) than other marketing tactics, such as email (0.6%), social media (0.4%) and online display ads (0.2%). 

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) uncovered this finding, and it speaks for itself. Higher response rates lead to more conversations. More conversations lead to more revenue.


For B2B marketers, this statistic relates to a conversation about return on investment.


Although direct mail can cost more per contact, the effectiveness can be much higher. When you’re dealing with deal sizes that are in the tens of thousands or more, getting an extra 2 or 3 meetings can go a long way.


Annual mail volume has decreased by 17% from 2009 to 2018.

According to the United States Postal Service, in 2009 176.7 billion marketing mailers were sent. In 2018 it was 146.4 billion. The graph below show the downward trend.

 Direct Mail Marketing Stat

Now you might be thinking marketers are doing less of direct mail campaigns and that might be a bad indicator.


However, I see this trend as a good sign.


This stat shows that direct mail is a less crowded inbox. When you have less competition, you have a better chance of getting people’s attention.


Think about it. How many pieces of mail are you receiving a day? Maybe two to three? Now compare that to the hundreds of emails you receive in your inbox every day.


As marketers, we want to be where our competition isn’t. Direct mail is an excellent way to do this.


Direct mail generates a motivation score that is 20% higher than digital media.

In a neuroscience study conducted by the Canada post and True Impact Marketing, researchers studied the effects of direct mail vs. digital marketing.


They measured brain activity to see the ease of processing messaging, motivation to buy, and how well they remembered the advertisement.


The researchers found the following results:

  • Direct mail generates a motivation score that is 20% higher than digital media.
  • Require 21% less cognitive effort. That means your message is absorbed more quickly and effectively.
  • Brand recall was 70% higher among participants who were exposed to direct mail ads rather than to digital ones.


Direct Mail Marketing Stats


The study suggests that people comprehend physical mail more easily than digital advertising. Since you’re focused on one piece of mail at a time, you can process the message quickly.


Compare that to digital advertising, that’s usually competing with your attention with a Facebook news feed, other ads, or a website.


The study also points to using more senses with direct mail as a way to recall the brand. With direct mail, you not only see the marketing piece but can touch it and potentially associate a scent with it.


From a B2B perspective, the more familiar a person is with your brand, the more likely they are to respond to your companies prospecting efforts.


The more we can do to let our brand message sink into our prospects, the more success will have generating meetings.


Let’s summarize the findings:

  1. Direct mail has higher response rates than digital advertising, which leads to more meetings.
  2. Direct Mail is a less crowded space, which means your message should stand out more.
  3. Direct Mail is easier to understand, motivate, and recall your brand message, which should increase responses to prospecting.


The data speaks for itself

If you haven’t tried running direct mail campaigns, now is the time to start. Start with a test and see the if it makes sense for your business.


Not sure where to get started?


Check out my mind map on how to run a successful direct mail campaign step-by-step, so you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past and generate meetings fast.