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Looking for direct mail marketing ideas? You came to the right place.


Finding ideas for direct mail that get people’s attention can be difficult, especially if you’ve never run a direct mail campaign before.


If you don’t pick a gift that stands out or provides value to your recipient, then you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money on a campaign that won’t work.


I’ve been there and tried many campaigns that have failed. But I’ve also found a ton that work. In this article, I want to share 10 direct mail marketing ideas that you can send people that will get their attention.



1. Cheryl’s Cookies Cheryl's Cookies

Cheryl’s cookies are a great way to make an introduction to a new prospect. This works well because everyone likes cookies.


We send this in a company branded tin with our logo on it. Because we send multiple cookies, they usually get shared around the office which creates awareness across multiple decision makers.


You can buy tins as low as $19.99 on Cheryl’s website.


2. Alumni Coffee Mug

Purchasing a mug or tumbler of your prospect’s alma mater is an effective strategy because you can send a personalized gift that doesn’t take long to research.


Finding where someone went to college is easy to find on Linkedin.

You can send this gift to generate new pipeline and to existing opportunities. We purchase the tumblers on Amazon.

3. Starbuck E-Gift CardStarbucks E-gift Card

Sending a Starbucks E-gift card is a great way to reengage people who have gone dark or you’re following up with.

This send is a cheap and quick way to provide value to customers and people you’re talking with.

The best part is it can all be done online. You don’t need to ship anything or package it. You can purchase e-gift cards on the Starbucks website.

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4. Champagne/Bottle of Winechampagne

This is a great celebratory gift to send when a positive event happens in your customer’s life.  Some examples of a positive event is a fundraising round, getting a new job, or an acquisition.

You can also send this gift when a customer hits a milestone with your product like finishing a deployment cycle or a customer anniversary.

This send tends to work better for existing customers or people you already have relationships with.

5. Branded Oreosbranded-oreos

Yes, you can send Oreos with your company’s logo on them. This is a creative way to send something that a whole office will enjoy, but also create brand awareness.


If you search “buy branded oreos,” you’ll find many vendors who you can buy these from.

6. Branded Mini Jengamini jenga

Mini Jenga sets are creative and sits on your recipient’s desk.


This gift gets shown around the office, so it creates awareness of your brand.


You can send this at any part of the funnel, but it works well for generating new pipeline and introducing yourself to new contacts.

7. Booksbook

Send a book that supports your product or that you wrote. If you want to take it to another level, tab certain pages chapters they should read, so they can get immediate value.


You are providing value through information and giving them quick insights that can help them do their job better.

The content should ultimately convince them why they should be using your product.

For example at Honest Buildings, we sent people we’ve been talking to “The Owner’s Dilemma” which was a book that essentially supported the problem with construction real estate discussing the problem that we solved.

8. Succulentssucculent

People tend to like these gifts as they can sit on people’s desk.  This works best as a customer gift, but can also be sent to accounts in pipeline too.


I recommend buying succulents through Etsy.

9. Lunch on Youchipotle-gift-card

This send is very similar to coffee e-gift card send. You can sent the gift card digitally.


This can be used to for customers, pipeline, and new business. You can also use this as a creative way to have a lunch meeting.


You can get this gift by going to the chain of your choice and purchasing an E-gift card online. Here’s an example of purchasing an e-gift card for Chipotle.

10. AirpodsAirpods

This is a more expensive campaign that can produce great results. 

To send a gift this expensive, I’d recommend you’re sending Airpods to accounts that you feel extremely confident would be a good fit for your service and could be extremely high deal sizes.


If you don’t, you could not see an ROI from the campaign or end up losing a lot of money on the campaign. 


I wrote more about how to do this in this blog post.

Now it’s your turn

 There you have it. 10 direct mail marketing ideas that have been tried and tested. Pick one from above and try to send them to 10 contacts at target accounts.


If you’re not sure how to run a direct mail campaign, I put together a quick 1-page mind map to understand the steps to running a successful campaign that will book meetings.