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Has this ever happened to you?

You’re talking to a prospective buyer for your service.

Everything is going well. Your prospect seems super interested.

Then all the sudden they go dark.

Sales reps can do only do so much in these situations to get people’s attention.

Direct mail can not only help you generate new meetings, but you can also use it at the bottom of the funnel.

Int this article, I wanted to share three ways you can use direct mail to win deals and close them faster.


Reengage stalled accounts

We’ve all had prospects who all the sudden stop responding to your emails or calls and ghosted you.

However, you should still try to get a hold of these people because they’re most likely to be your customers. These prospects already showed enough interest to discuss the product with you, and you already have a relationship with them.

By sending them something thoughtful, you can help reengage their attention.

Some ideas that have worked in the past are sending your contact a coffee e-gift cards or cookies in attempt to get them back into conversations.


Set relationships on the right foot

In any sales process, you must establish trust and rapport.

Sending a thoughtful gift can elicit a positive response in the eyes of your prospects. This gift can help dictate the relationship moving forward.

A great place to start is at the beginning of the relationship. Send direct mail after you demoed your product thanking your prospect for the time and that you’re excited to continue the process.

The 60-Second Direct Mail Plan

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Get contracts over the finish line

How many times have people have agreed to buy, and they just have to sign the damn deal?

Sometimes your prospect doesn’t have enough urgency to sign it right now. Other times they’re just busy, and signing your contract is not their priority.

You can’t do much in these scenarios except continue to be persistent.

Direct mail is a great way to get back on the top of their priority list. Send your prospect something congratulatory like a tin of cookies or a bottle of champagne. Tell them how excited you are to be partnering with them and that you’re eager to get started.

By sending direct mail, you can show your excitement for your partnership and help stay on top of their mind.


At my last company, we ran a bunch of direct mail campaigns for our open opportunities.

We had long sales cycles and needed to get multiple decision-makers on board. We worked with the sales team to run a bunch of different campaigns to keep our brand top of mind and reengage accounts.

Some reps would send coffee e-gift cards to try to their accounts back on the phone. Others would send sweatshirts of their champion’s alma mater to stay top of mind while the sales process was moving slow.

We even had one sales rep send a pair of floaties to his prospect who was taking his kids on vacation. He did this to stay on the top of his mind for when the prospect returned to vacation.

These campaigns resulted in getting prospects back into conversations, created strong relationships with our buyers, and ultimately closing deals.


Start closing deals faster

Now that you know how to use direct mail to close deals more quickly, start utilizing it. Think of your accounts in pipeline that have gone dark or are almost about to sign.

Think about what you can send them to stay top of mind and get them to take the action you want. 

If you’re not sure how to run a direct mail campaign, I put together a quick 1-page mind map to understand the steps to running a successful campaign that will book meetings. Download the sheet below.