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A couple months ago, I tried a new smoothie place in New York City and ordered a small strawberry smoothie. The cashier told me “that’ll be $10 please.” I was shocked. $10 for a tiny smoothie? What a rip off!

Once I got the smoothie, something happened.

It was one the best smoothies I ever tasted. My perception forever changed about spending $10. In fact, I’ve gone back to that smoothie place multiple times.

Had I appreciated the value of that smoothie beforehand, I would have been more than willing to pay 10 bucks.

B2B marketers are $10 smoothies. By gating our content,we’ve made people pay before seeing the value.

We create content that could influence our ideal customer’s perception, maybe even convince them to evaluate our service, but we stop them from seeing the content because we insist on collecting all their information first.

Introducing conversational marketing enables us to ungate content and provide better experiences for our audience. These experiences lead to more conversations.

Conversational marketing is the act of engaging in real-time conversations through our marketing channels.

You can engage by using chatbots on your website, Facebook, or even just using call-to-actions through email to begin conversations.

The goal of conversation marketing is to engage faster.

B2B marketers believe their goal is to increase conversions, but our actual objective is to get prospects into conversations with sales reps to better understand their business.

Conversational marketing gets us into more conversations with prospects faster, while they are on our website and we are top of mind.

Conversational Marketing is a game changer because we can now provide a better experience for our audience.

Now that we can engage our prospects in real-time, we don’t have to collect their information and block them from seeing the value we provide.


We always needed the information to understand who was reading our content, so we could follow up to start a conversation.

With conversational marketing, we can let them see the content and put a chat bot on the landing page to engage them. 

Once prospects have seen the content and we’ve piqued their interest, then they can hop into a conversation, and we can learn more about their business and problems right on the site.

At the beginning of last year, we had an extremely aggressive MQL goal.

We gated essentially everything we promoted through email and advertisement. We would get conversions, but a small percentage of these conversions turned into sales conversations and pipeline. We were likely missing out on key contacts seeing our content because they didn’t want to give us all their information.


This strategy creates a barrier for our audience from seeing the content.



Once my organization started using Drift on our website, we realized that we didn’t need to gate this content. We started shifting our strategy towards ungating our sponsored content specifically to our target accounts. We made PDF guides into web pages, so we could use the bot on their website. We also provided personalized chatbots on the page to get their attention.

This strategy allows our audience to see the content, and they can engage with the chat bot if they want to learn more.

We saw key accounts conversing with us after reading our content. People in conversations with sales reps even mentioned they saw one of our videos or guides and that prompted them to reach out and evaluate us.

But how am I going to hit my MQL goal?

This strategy will lower the number of conversions but should increase the quality, which is your ultimate goal.


By increasing the number of conversations, you spend time talking to more qualified people and increase pipeline and revenue, ultimately the key metrics for your business.


Shift your mindset. You’ll see more tangible results.

Let’s summarize:

  1. Conversational Marketing is the act of engaging in real-time conversations through your marketing channels.
  2. This strategy is a game changer because now that you can engage your prospects in real-time, you no longer need to collect their information and block them from seeing the value you provide.
  3. The number of conversions will decrease, but you should increase the quality which is ultimately what you want as a business.

Your content is good. Don’t piss people off before they can read it.

Like the smoothie, prospects shouldn’t be uncertain about the value you’re providing.
If you adopt this strategy, you can make both your audience and sales team happier.

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