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Why Read This Blog?

When I started my career in SaaS as a Business Development Rep, I thought marketing was all a numbers game, marketing automation was the holy grail, and using it to increase efficiency was the way to success.
In my first demand generation role at Honest Buildings, I started implementing these typical strategies but slowly learned that the weren’t getting the attention of these large enterprise clients we were going after. 
Once we started testing less scalable, more personalized campaigns, we started to see success. These results made me realized that focusing on a smaller audience and providing a more personalized experience was ultimately the way to get the attention of these clients.

This blog is about the trials and learning that have helped me deliver a better marketing experience.

I believe that marketing is an experience. The better the experience for our audience, the better results we’ll see. I’ll specifically be focusing on strategies and concepts that apply to enterprise B2B marketing.

I also won’t talk about typical strategies that you see on the internet like landing page design, email nurturing, and retargeting. I’ll focus on more unconventional strategies that have been working for me like conversational marketing, direct mail, and Account Based Advertising.

Everything I write about I’ve experienced.

Just like you, I’m in the weeds running and testing marketing strategies every day and still learning. I will only write about strategies that I have actually tried and tested.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start reading the blog and let me know if you’re seeing similar results. If you have any feedback or questions about what I’m writing, feel free to reach out to me at
Scott Gelber